How to properly execute the abstract?

The abstract is one of the first research papers that a student of any higher education institution has to deal with. This is the very first and important stage, its passing guarantees the subsequent successful conquest of all other stages of higher education. Of course, in comparison with the term or diploma project the abstract is a fairly simple work, characterized by a smaller volume and more loyal design requirements.

Requirements for the design of the essay

In addition to common requirements to design student papers, each institution of higher education develops its own rules and recommendations for writing essays, which are mandatory for students. In order to properly execute the essay be sure to familiarize yourself with the methodical recommendations compiled by the teachers of your department. Very often the requirements for the design of essays vary slightly in different faculties and departments of the same institution.

However, there are a few basic rules that should be adhered to in the design of the abstract:

  • The abstract always has a clearly structured appearance;
  • The volume of work does not exceed 25 pages (in many universities this bar is reduced to 15-18 pages);
  • Classical scheme abstracts look as follows: title page with the name of the institution, faculty and department, city and year of publication, the title of the work and the data on the student and supervisor; content; introduction, which should display the reason for studying the chosen topic; the main part, which includes the disclosure of the main issue; conclusion with conclusions about the relevance of the topic; appendixes and reference list; The design of the list of references occurs in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Font design may vary considerably in each university. Therefore, do not neglect the methodical recommendations in the design of the work.

Structure of the abstract and recommendations for the design of key elements:

  • The title page. Has general information about the work: the name of the institution of higher education, the name of the department where the work is done, group, first and last name of the author, information about the teacher, who accepts the essay.
  • Table of Contents. This element of the work is made immediately with the processing of sources, the materials should be in the same order as they are located in the text of the essay.
  • Plan. Depending on the complexity of the topic and the number of sources used in the preparation of the abstract, you need to choose a simple or complex plan. It should be formulated clearly and correspond to the topic that was selected, the goals and objectives of the study.
  • Introduction. The approximate volume of this part of the essay - no more than two pages. Here it is necessary to justify the expediency and relevance of the conducted research, to evaluate the state of research of the chosen topic, formulate the purpose and determine the main objectives of the study, provide a brief review of literary sources related to the chosen topic.
  • The main part of the abstract. Consists of sections, paragraphs, is formed in accordance with the content. The names of the sections typed in capital letters without punctuation at the end, without underlining.
  • Conclusions. Here the student demonstrates the extent to which the objectives of the abstract and the achievement of the goal of the work (in the case of failure to meet certain objectives of the work or achieve a certain goal in full, should specify the reasons for this situation). In addition, the author determines the value of the work. Conclusions are written from a new separate page.

Who can help to properly execute the abstract?

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