How to write an essay?

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How to write a quality essay and turn it in to a teacher for review so that he or she gives a high grade?

In order to make a quality essay - first you need to deal with its structure. It should, first of all, consist of an introduction, where you stipulate the main problem, the thesis statement with various ideas of the author himself on the given topic, where each thesis statement is supported by evidence that supports your point of view, and, of course, the conclusion, where you re-state the problematic of your essay and summarize the overall result.

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How to write an essay in a foreign language

The essay has one more advantage - there are practically no requirements for it. This applies to both the design and the content. After all, it is, in essence, a statement of the author's thoughts concerning a specific topic or several topics.

But even in this virtually free field of writing, there are some recommendations that you should adhere to while writing an essay in a foreign language. They are able to help you think in the right direction, and as a result, turn in a decent paper to the teacher.

The first thing to do is to decide on the topic of writing. If it has already been specified earlier in the university, this is both a plus and a minus at the same time. The plus is that you can already clearly understand what it will be about in the text and begin to gather the necessary information. Minus, however, is that there is already no space for the choice of topics and an independent decision. Both options are valid. Consider them in detail.

With the first option, you have the opportunity to freely choose the direction of thoughts. After all, you can come up with a topic on your own, or you can turn to sources of inspiration. But we recommend that you find the theme within yourself. After all, this is the only way you will have a truly high-quality essay in a foreign language. Because this topic will really excite you and you will want to speak on the subject.

But with the second option (when the topic of the essay is already predetermined), there is also room for your own opinion. Perhaps the desire to state your thoughts on this topic is not 100% strong, but you do not have to bother and invent a bicycle. All that's left to do is to do a good research of the problematic and start writing.

Rules for writing an essay

Of course, the competent choice of the topic of the paper and adhering to its structure are very necessary for a cool essay. But they make no sense if its text will contain a bunch of mistakes or boring and banal phrases. Therefore, it is important to fill the body of the work itself with as many synonyms, introductory words and phrase prepositions as possible, of course within the limits of common sense.


From this article, we can conclude that it is best to prepare for writing an essay in advance, not the day before handing in. Since a quality text requires special preparation when conveying your thoughts. Using the techniques described above, you will be able to create a great text both in structure and meaning.

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