Tips for the passage of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - passing plot missions # 12

Mission: refuge on hint

After the fight, we again gain control over the dream by Gohan. We cannot fly in this part of the mission. We run east of the place where we are.

When we approach the cave, the cat scene will begin.

We get awards after the cat scene. The first episode is only over.

The search for dragon balls began forever.

The second episode of the main history puts us before more serious problems. We will find out more parts of the plot Dragon Ball Z: Cakarota. The plot is becoming more serious, mainly due to more and more demanding fights.

At the beginning of this episode, we play for the son of Gakhan. Later we control the boss of the first chapter of the main history, vegeta.

Two collisions with Dorian are waiting ahead of us. In the second battle, he will become extremely aggressive. Without solid malfunction, we have little chance of winning. It should be remembered that all the characters we lead these objects that we lead. If we assign the items of the dream of Gakhan, Vegeta will also be able to use them.

Mission: confusion on the hint

We begin to play for the son of Gakhan. We are heading to the north-east of the region. There we will find the village of Nameed.

As the scene approaches, it will begin.

Mission: Operation "Save Dandy"!

After the screensaver, the fight with Dorian will start at 20 levels. In our team includes Gohan and Kurin's dream. The opponent uses only a few more dangerous attacks, so at this stage we use universal tactics, which works on all bosses.

Find out what to do when the battles with bosses are too complicated.

When the enemy has three life strips, the battle will be interrupted, and the next movie scene will begin.

Mission: Trick Veget

Now we control the vegetu. Ahead of us is waiting for the fight with Dorian. We fly to the northeast of the place where we are.

Enemy in the air. We fly to him. The dialog starts, then follows the fight. This time Dorian will do everything possible, so we should also try. Located at 22 levels of experience.

If we did not do this before, we buy available veget skills in the characters menu. We do not forget to add them to the Superaty palette. We add passive skills to the knowledge tab.

Our opponent has extremely strong contact attacks. It can get to us, charging and drawing a huge damage. In this battle, the distance from the enemy does not matter much. We must learn to avoid its attacks and counterattack immediately. The reserve of regenerating items will also be useful.

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