Tips for the passage of Mage Knight Apocalypse - Main Missions # 083

Agent: Omen.

Teleportation, paranoia.

Ogent is one of the most unusual agents. His abilities allow him to teleport over the battlefield, causing a parano of enemies and limit their visibility. In this chapter, we explain how OMEN abilities work, as well as how to play with this agent.

Special OMEN Skills

Omen belongs to the Controllers group, so it knows how to limit the freedom of enemy heroes, as well as surprise enemies. The following skills are available to the agent:

C: Step into darkness - when choosing this ability, you will see the range indicator on the screen. Its activation will allow you to teleport to the specified place after a few seconds of charging.

Q: Paranoia - the ability will allow you to shoot a ball causing a pairs of enemies. When paranago, the enemies significantly narrow the field of view and hear false steps and shooting sounds.

E: Dark Cover - With this ability, you can create a viewing limit zone that works as well as smoke checkers. After activating the ability, you can adjust its range using the right and left mouse buttons.

X: From the shadows - the ultimative ability of OMEN will allow you to open a tactical map where you can mark any place where you want to teleport. While teleport is loaded, the enemies will see the character as a shadow - if they destroy it, they will stop jumping.

Remember that in order to activate the abilities "from the shade" and "Step in the darkness" you need time. Enemies can catch surprise and destroy you at any time - and the teleport itself can be interrupted by the ability of the shade destroying your shadow. Omen is definitely not an agent for new players. If you have not yet studied all the cards, you should ask another hero, since your level of gaming process will suffer significantly.

Where to get a new character level.

The development of the hero in role-playing games is to receive experience points (here: souls), which we then exchange to new levels of experience. Souls are primarily acquired when we kill the enemy.

We need to do a few things before we can even move. Below we will explain step by step, you need to do to start developing your character, that is, get a new level of experience.

Complete the Prologue - go through the outpost and get to the Nexus. On the way to the sequence of you, most likely to win the keeper (boss), but do not worry about it.

Fishing in a cure to the greedy royal tail and go to the palace of the Boltarov - to the gates of the boltar.

In the gates of the boltar, you will get to the boss - Falanga - and defeat it.